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Requesting Customer's Data

With the new regulation, all customers have the right to receive a copy of all their personal data stored and processed by you. You should give your users a way to request or delete their data. For example, create a form on your website where customers can request their data.

When a customer requests his data, you should give him a copy of all personal data that you have of him. This can be data stored in different locations (like your autoresponders, information in CRMs or his data in our platform). To request the available personal data that is stored on our servers, go to Website Settings -> Advanced -> Request Customer Data at the very bottom. Within 72 hours we will provide you with all the data that we have for the specific customer (identified by email) on your website. You can then provide that data in addition to all other data that you might have collected via third-party services.




Note: When requesting a data deletion it might take up to 60 days for the complete removal from all platform's systems.