How to Enable/Disable the Cookie Disclaimer

Enabling a cookie disclaimer is super simple. Go to Advanced Settings and enable the Cookie Disclaimer for the website. ( You can add a button text and link to your Cookie Policy page and text for the Accept button on the website.

Tracking Cookies

We've created a special System popup that allows your website visitors to disable the tracking cookies from the builder. You can find them when you link a popup at the very bottom. ( The click would trigger a popup with the option to disable/enable the tracking cookies initiated from the website builder. (

Requesting Customer's Data

With the new regulation, all customers have the right to receive a copy of all their personal data stored and processed by you. You should give your users a way to request or delete their data. For example, create a form on your website where customers can request their data. When a customer requests his data, you should give him a copy of all personal data that you have of him. This can be data stored in different locations (like your autoresponders, information in CRMs or his data in our plat...