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How to setup the default styling of your website

This should be the first step in building your website. In the following video, you will discover how to set up your styling so that your branding is consistent across your entire website as you build it. If you have any questions feel free to contact support.

Getting your free SSL certificate

Every website on the Bosscart platform gets a Free SSL certificate. The certificates allow you to have a secured connection between the customer's browser and the server. That helps in the prevention of hacking and stealing customer's information because the data is being encrypted from the customer's browser to the server. All certificates are being installed automatically and you don't have to do anything. If your domain is connected correctly it might take up to 48 hours for SSLs to install ...

Setting your website's language and timezone

To change the website Language (the store/blog etc. language translations) and Timezone you have to go to the Advanced Settings. ( If the language you need is not available please contact us to provide you the translate sheets.

Inviting a contributor or team member to your website

You've created a website and now you want to invite someone to have access to certain parts of the website's admin. You can do that by going to Dashboard -> Contributors. By clicking on 'Add Contibutor' you can invite a new person to the website. They will receive an invite only to the website you invite them. An email will be sent with an invitation link to register and get to their website. As a website owner you can always remove someone from the contributor's list. (https://s3-eu-west-...

Creating anchor points within your page

You can link to a certain Block on a page by adding an anchor point to that block. In the block settings you will see the option Add Anchor Point ( You can then link to that Block from any button, link, navigation by going to the link picker and selecting Anchor -> select the page where the Anchor is and select the Anchor name. (

Creating cool website animations

Animations can make your website become alive and dynamic. You can add animations to any widget on your page by clicking on the animation icon. ( You can pick one of the many animation types. After that select one of the many animation types as well as animation speed and delay. I recommend using 200ms delay between animations when making them one after another. (https://s3-eu...

How to add more default fonts for faster styling

To add more fonts to your Text Editor you can click on the Website Settings and then Website Styling ( In the Fonts section click on Add Font to add one of the 800+ Google Fonts available for you. Keep in mind that we do not allow more than 4 custom fonts as it might slow down your website and for consistency throughout your desing. (

Working with the drag and drop grid

Use our super fast and accurate drag and drop builder to arrange the position of your elements and sections on your website. Create stunning layouts with just a few clicks of the mouse. Use the Columns to organize your content and align your elements perfectly.

Editing elements (widgets) on your site

You can edit any widget on your website by clicking on it and see the controls on top. Each widget has its own controls. If you double click the widget you will open the first controls. All widgets have a few similar controls: animations, margin, copy and delete.

Adding content to your website

There are two ways to add content - first by clicking on the blue button 'Add Block' to add new section on your page. To add single widgets (elements), click on the '+' icon on the left and drag and drop the widget you want to add. You can also copy any widget or block by clicking on it and selecting 'Copy'.

Managing multiple websites

In one account you can manage unlimited amount of websites. You can create a new one by going to your Dashboard and clicking on Create New Website. In the same section you can see listed all your websites that you can access and manage.

How to connect your domain to Bosscart

To connect a domain to your website go to 'Dashboard' and then 'Domains'. Click on Connect An Existing Domain to open the field to enter a domain and click Next. After adding the domain a screen with 2 DNS records will show. These are the records you need to add to your domain settings in your domain provider. Every domain provider should allow you to add these records to your domain, if you can't find them you can contact your domain provider and ask how to add them. They will connect your ...