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How to Transfer Your App to Another Developer Account

To transfer an iOS app to another Apple Developer/iTunes Connect account, just follow the instructions below. You may also want to check out Apple's own tutorial here.


Transferring Android apps between Google Developer accounts is pretty simple, and they already have a great instructional web page for it here.



Keep in Mind

  • The app must have been approved at some point (if there's a pending update, that's fine).
  • Both the transferring & receiving accounts must have an active subscription to the iOS Developer program.
  • You must have access to the following info for the receiving account: Recipient's Team Agent Apple ID (the username of the receiving account) and Team ID (a series of numbers & letters found in Apple Developer). Both are described below.
  • You may have to complete agreements in the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section of Connect before proceeding.
  • Transferring an app breaks the certificate chain in Developer, meaning your push notifications will no longer work; if you transfer an app, be sure to email us with the new login info ASAP, so we can rebuild the push notification certificate.

Initiating the Transfer



1. Log into the transferring iTunes Connect account.


2. If there's a message at the top of the screen (like below) that refers to agreements, go to the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section to accept the contracts. If not, click the My Apps section.



3. Select the app you'd like to transfer.



4. Click App Information and scroll down towards the bottom under "Additional Information" and select Transfer App.




5. The following screen goes over the criteria for an app transfer. As long as you see green checkmarks next to each one, you're all set. Click Continue at the bottom right to proceed.




6. On the next screen, you'll input the receiving account info. Once complete, click Continue.


  • Recipient's Team Agent Apple ID: This is the username of the receiving account.
  • Team ID: Log into Apple Developer using the receiving account. Click the Member Center tab on the top right. On the following page, click the Your Account tab on the right. Scroll down to the Developer Account Summary section, where you'll find the Team ID.

7. Read over the contract and check the agreement box, then click Request Transfer.



8. Click Done, which will take you back to the App Details. At the top of the app listing, you'll see a message about the pending transfer.


Accepting the Transfer



1. Log into the receiving iTunes Connect account. You'll see a transfer message at the top.


2. Click on Agreements, Tax, and Banking.


3. Under Transfer Agreements, you'll see the transfer below Contracts in Progress. Click Review.


4. Input the new metadata associated with the receiving account. You can skip over fields that aren't required, unless applicable.

  • Support URL
  • App Review Contact Information
  • App Store Contact Information

5. Read over the contract and check the agreement box. Click Accept to complete the transfer.


6. Email us with the app code and login info for the new account, and request that we rebuild the push notification certificate!



Note: App transfers can take some time to register. During this time, the status will read "Processing App Transfer." Once complete, the app will disappear from the transferring account and appear in the My Apps section of the receiving account.