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Adding a New Email Address to Your Account

In this quick tutorial you will learn how to create an email address using your ( domain name. 

1. Login to your client dashboard at, click your hosting package and click access cPanel once it apprears


Select the hosting product



2. Scroll down to the 'EMAIL' section and click 'Email Accounts'


Email addresses cPanel


3. Then enter the name for the email, a password and select the domain that the email will be attached to.
Be sure to choose a very strong password.


Add email account cPanel


4. When ready, click 'Create Account' and your email will show up at the bottom.  



Select email configuration cPanel


5. Now you will need to access your email and there are three main ways to do it; 

  1. iOS direct install
  2. manual configuration
  3. online using webmail

Let's review them:


For iOS users:

  • click 'set up mail client'
  • scroll down to iOS application options and click 'IMAP over SSL/TLS'
  • this will prompt the download of a configuration file -- click 'Proceed'
  • send this file to your iOS device and install == this will automatically add the email address to your Mail app where you can now send and recieve

iOS Configuration cPanel


For other mail clients:

  • open your mail app of choice (Outlook, Bluemail, Gmail, etc) and add a custom email address. (Your email client may word this differently)
  • in cPanel, on the bottom of the mail configuration page you will see instructions for manually adding your email to your mail client; secure and non-ssl (we recommend the SSL settings)
  • in your mail client enter your email address and password that you just created in cPanel
  • enter the server address that you see in your settings into the 'Incoming Server' field in your mail client, making sure you choose IMAP port: 993
  • for your Outgoing Server' enter the same server address and enter SMTP port: 465

Once these are entered you may confirm and your email will then be accessible to send and recieve rigth from your device.


Manual email configuration cPanel


For accessing on the web:

  • enter '' into your browser to access Webmail or select 'Access Webmail' in your email options screen (as shown below)
  • enter your email and password
  • choose your preferred email app (they are all slightly different) and you will be able to manage your email from anywhere online

Access webmail cPanel


Your cPanel account and your webmail account can be accessed from the client area as well.  Go to, click your hosting package and your webmail and cPanel options will appear.


Additional Instructions:

If you have any issues please contact support and we will assist you in getting your email account set up.