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Connecting a Facebook Group

Using Alavon Social you are able to connect your Facebook Pages and Groups to allow for automatic publishing of social media content at the date and time you decide. As the most popular social media platform in the world Facebook is a fantastic place to promote your products, the business opportunity and foster your community.

Note: Facebook will not allow you to connect a personal account to Alavon Social or other similar Apps.

Facebook Groups

Collaborative in nature, Facebook groups are a fantastic place to foster a community for your brand, products, and business opportunities. Many people use their Facebook Page to promote their groups where organic conversations can grow, knowledge and advice can be shared.

Using both a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group can significantly help your business, especially when you focus on consistently posting great content using your dashboard, posting your own authentic content and focus on growing and engaging your audience.

Unlike a Facebook Page where people are required to Like and Follow your page, with groups you simply add people to be in your group. Public groups are open so that anyone to join. Closed groups are invite only, as are secret groups but the latter are only visible to its members. Anyone can view a closed group though they will not be able to join it without a moderators approval.

Creating your Facebook Group

To create your Facebook Group, access the menu from the top right of your personal profile. Then select Create Group.

An area will then appear where you are able to Name your group, add some people, select whether your group is Public, Closed, or Secret. You can also choose to Pin this group to easily access it from the menu on the left side of your personal profile. You can also, like with pages, access your new group from the menu you used to create it.

Note: You will be required to add at least one person to your group when you create it.

Now that your Facebook Group has been created you can begin customizing it. Similar to the Facebook Page you are able to select your cover image. In the About section you are able to give the group a description to inform new members about your Group and its function. You can add additional members using the Members area. You can also create Events and Moderate Group using the menu on the left side. Similar to your Personal Profile you are able to write posts, add photos and videos, create polls and more. Use this Group with your dashboard and your Page for those interested in your products and the business opportunity that you present.

You can have multiple Groups. A great idea is to have one just to share products, one for those interested in your business opportunity and another for your team. Having a team page can be a fantastic place for you to share images and posts that you create using your dashboard!

Adding the app to your Facebook Group

Note: This part can currently only be done through the Facebook desktop website.

In order to connect your dashboard to your Facebook Group so that you can schedule content to be posted to it at the date and time that you decide you need to first link the App. Your dashboard has a Facebook approved App which is how it is able to post to Facebook Groups, it does however mean that the App needs to be linked within the Group.

To do this, access the settings area within your Group by pressing the More button located below the cover image and selecting Edit Group Settings. Scroll down the settings page until you find the Apps area. Click Add Apps and the App search area will appear. Search for Social App, click on the app located near the bottom of the list and then when prompted press the Add button.

Once the app is added to your group you can go ahead and connect your new Facebook Group to your dashboard to start posting fantastic content to your new community.

Connecting your Facebook Group

Now that your Facebook Group has been created you can go ahead and connect it to your dashboard to begin posting great content to it.

You’re given the option to connect your social media accounts through the initial sign-up process. However, if you’ve just created your group using the previous steps you will now have to connect that account separately.

On your dashboard click the Add Account button. The following options will appear and select Facebook from the list.

If you are already logged into your Facebook account you will be redirected to Facebook, if you’re not already logged in then you will need to enter your login information to access your Facebook account. Depending on if you have already connected your Facebook account or not you may have to accept a number of permissions to allow your dashboard to connect to Facebook.

You will then be presented with the option to select any of your Facebook Business Pages or Groups. Simply select your new Facebook Group from the list and you can now post to your Group!

Start scheduling content to your new Group and then begin inviting your friends to Join your new Group.

You can also post a link to your new Group on your Personal Facebook profile or Facebook Business Page to encourage friends and followers to take a look. The key to social media marketing is to keep posting great content consistently so make sure you keep scheduling content and inviting more people to join and engage with the conversations within your Group.