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Certificate Revoked Notice

If you have an Apple Developer account, at some point you'll receive the notice below. Emails like this can be alarming, because it sounds like a problem has occurred within your account that will affect your apps in some way. That's very rarely the case though.


When we're renewing push notifications—either because the certificate has expired or the notifications are failing to come through—we have to revoke the existing push notification certificate ("APNs Production iOS certificate") in order to create a new one. We also carry out this process when submitting app updates. So, you'll typically receive this notice from Apple 1) after you've republished an app or 2) after you've requested a push notification certificate renewal.


There's no need to forward these emails to us or contact Apple in response to them unless you begin to notice problems with push notification delivery. If that does occur, definitely shoot us a message so we can look further into it.