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How to Accept iDeal Payments Through Stripe (Netherlands)

If you're selling in the Netherlads, you might want to offer payments through iDEAL to your customers.

To accept payments through iDEAL, you need to have active Stripe account and connect it to your online store. 

Make sure you have Stripe enabled, with your keys set and "Enable iDEAL payments" checked:

Then you need to go to your Stripe dashboard and create a webhook. Webhooks are required to notify your store that a payment was made. If not set correctly, payments through iDEAL will not be processed!

To create a webhook, login to Stripe, go to Developers -> Webhooks -> click on Add endpoint  and fill "Url to be called" with the url from your Stripe settings (e.g. from the screenshot above):

Optional: You can filter the event types to source.canceledsource.chargeable and source.failed only.

If using test data, you need to create the webhook in the testing environment as well.

That's it. You can now process payments through iDEAL and your Stripe account.