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Manage Your App on the Go Using Skipper

Skipper website:

iTunes App Store
Google Play Store

Skipper Description:

Skipper is the mobile management tool for mobile apps built on the our platform. Skipper enables you accomplish many management tasks directly from your mobile device. Simply launch Skipper and log into your application’s account to:

  • See how many users have downloaded and interacted with your business’ app. 
  • View an Activity Stream of your users’ activity.

  • Send targeted push notifications to your users.

  • View, manage and receive real-time alerts on orders, reservations, and loyalty transactions.

Feature Summary

Food Ordering:

  • View Orders (filters can be applied)
  • Manage order status (Unserved, Served, Cancelled)
  • Print orders to WiFi printers or email connect printers
  • Provide GPS directions for delivery drivers


  • View orders (filters can be applied)
  • Manage order status (Unserved, Served, Cancelled)


  • View scheduled reservations (filters can be applied)
  • Manage reservation status (Unserved, Served, Cancelled)


  • View a stream of user loyalty activity

Push Notifications:

  • Send advanced targeted push notifications to your users


  • View your apps full set of analytics

Social Media:

  • Connect your Twitter and Facebook to your business' application

Available on:

  • iOS
  • Android