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How to Integrate Your Bosscart Store With Printful Using CartBridge

1. Create Your Store

First, you'll create your free Printful store. Please note that the new store has to be a "manual order platform/API" store (shown below) for this to work

Then, create your products in your Printful store that you'd like to sell in your Bosscart store.


2. Setup Your Connection

Create an account or log in to the Uncord Platform.

To set up your CartBridge connection, select the "Connector Dashboard" from the "Cartbridge (BETA)" dropdown. Create a new Bosscart + Printful connection. (Each website/funnel account will need a unique connection.)

Simply follow the wizard to complete the setup.


For this you'll need:

  • your Printful store API key
  • a name for your Bosscart store (connector name)
  • your Bosscart API key
  • your Bosscart subdomain URL (enter as

Select CartBridge

Add connector


3. Sync Your Products

Once you've set up your connection, a status will display next to your store indicating its progress.

Your products will sync in the background any time a new product is added or changed in your Printful store.

You will be notified via email whenever a synchronization has occurred.



4. Let It Work

Once an order is placed from your Bosscart storefront you can rest easy.


Our system will create and process the order in Printful and send the customer an email with the tracking info provided by Printful for each item.