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Country Dropdown Not Showing Up on Checkout Form

If the country drop down doesn't work when you test your checkout form, it's because there is no shipping option set for your order. - Navigate to your shop settings and click Shipping. - Add a shipping option that includes either the price or the weight of your product(s) - Save and test your checkout form again If you continue to have issues, content support and we'll get to the bottom of it.

How to Add Products

To add a store product click on 'Store' and select 'Products'. You can create physical and digital products as well as selling services.

Adding Digital Products

Adding a digital product is just as simple as a physical one. The only difference is that you have to attach a digital file that will be downloaded after payment. Note that after the first download by the client, the link will be active for only 24 hours. We've made that as a measurement to prevent link sharing to some extend. The limitation to a file size is 130mb.

Adding Product Variations

You can add product variations to all your physical products and set advanced settings for each combination - SKU, Price, Weight etc. The limitation to a file size is 130mb.

Creating Discount Coupons for Your Store

The discounts are very simple and easy to use. You have 3 types of discount: Flat, Percentage or Free Shipping. Discount Name This is the name for the created discount. It helps you keep record and your customers will know what discount is being applied to their order. Discount Code If you have the 'Apply automatically' ticked out you have to enter a code name to be used by your customers. Example: SAVE2 Allow with other discounts This is if you wish your customers to stack discou...

Styling Your Store

You can change the layout of your products list page by picking one of the four designs. As you can see first one is with centered text, second with text on the left, third has the text shown on mouse hover and fourth is in a boxed styling. To edit the layout of your product page you pick one of the other 4 designs. The only difference is the position of the image and proportions. In the settings below you can add circle zoom lens to zoom the product image when you go with the mouse on top...

Setting Up a Quick Product View

In the settings bellow you can enable or disable the quick product view and quick cart view. Quick product view allows your customers to have a view of the product images, prices and variations within the same page. The quick cart view allows you to view the current products added to your cart, adjust quantity and quickly checkout with your order.

Enabling the Detailed Side Filter

This is a filter that allows your customer to filter products by category, variations and price. To enable the filter go to Layout & Styling and on the right sidebar you will see these two settings: "Show advanced filter for products" allows the detailed filter and the bottom settings show the variations as filter options in the side filter.

Configuring Your Shipping

These general settings for your store you can set from the 'Settings' sections and clicking on 'Shipping' To create a shipping method click on 'Add Shipping Option'. Shipping type You can create a shipping charge based on Price Range and on Weight Range. After that you enter the name of the shipping that will be displayed in your store followed by the range of Price or Weight. You can apply the discount code Globally or for specific countries.

Setting up Store Taxes

The taxes creation for your store you can set from the 'Settings' sections and clicking on 'Taxes' To add a Country Tax click on 'Add Country'. Pick a Country to add a tax for and then add a name for the Tax you are going to charge them (VAT, GST, Federal, Sales, Eco etc.). It can be a percentage Tax or Flat. Apply on shipping - if you have that featured ticked, the shipping will also be included before the tax is applied. Exempt businesses from this tax - if a customer enters busine...

Choosing a Payment Method

To add payment methods click on the 'Settings' sections and then on 'Payments' Currently you can pick our of 6 different payment options. With Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout and PayPal you can process credit and debit cards of all sort. Each different payment gateway has their own fees but the builder has 0% transaction fee on all payments. Stripe Stripe is one of the leading payment processors on the market. The only disadvantage is that Stripe is not supported in all cou...